Ornella Casa Nomade

Maria Vittoria Paggini, a Tuscan by origin but Milanese by profession and one of Italy’s top interior decorators, calls her Milan home-studio “Ornella, the nomad House”.


This is because she sees the interior as an endless journey through space, colour and relationships in search of a pinnacle of creativity in “free nomad” design. The space is nomadic even in its functions, serving as home, office, creative hub and photographic set. Maria Vittoria’s design solution has maintained the existing structure and used colour to achieve a radical transformation: olive green for the living room, burned ochre for the corridor, and black for the kitchen walls and ceiling. The use of Decor resin-painting helped enhance the colors of the walls, the original wooden floors were reinvented with Microresina Parquet by Kerakoll. The result is an original package in which every element blends or contrasts with every other to create an aesthetic work in progress.


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