Wallcrete Living

Water-based resin covering with a coloured trowelled material texture. Wallcrete Living’s surface is opaque and monochromatic, rich in brush strokes, material vibrations and chromatic marbling. Wallcrete Living is the decorative finish suitable for the walls of all types of rooms, with the exception of the technical areas.

In this image: KK 102


— Permeability to water vapour (EN ISO 7783): Class V2 (breathable)
— Health and safety (EN 71-3): Compliant, suitable for the decoration of playgrounds and children’s rooms
— Bacterial proliferation (ISO 15457): 100% effective
— Bacterial proliferation (ISO 22196): Resistant to the development of bacteria
— Scratch resistance (ISO 1518 Clements Test): 1,8 kg
— Chemical resistance (EN 12720): Class 5 (excellent), stain-proof and resistant to detergents
— HACCP (UNI 11021-2002): Compliant, suitable for the coating of environments intended for food preparation


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