A place where colour reigns

In the heart of Assisi, a spectacular old window opens on to a boutique from another age. New York born but proudly Italian in origin, Alina Gallo chose this setting for the first shop to sell her exclusive collection of hand-made water colours.


Destined for true enthusiasts, the collection demands to be presented as on an artist's palette. That is why the shop's clearly 17th-century exterior is swapped for an interior in warm, contemporary shades where colour is both the star and the supporting actor. The satin texture of KK 135 lavender from Kerakoll's Decor line gives the walls the luminosity of Umbrian nature and reinforces the intensity of the colour palettes and albums on display. The shelf where the brushes are arranged has been turned into the shop's focal point by a clever choice of the cold KK 19 shades. The result is a setting where history and modernity come together in an intensely satisfying contrast.

The project palette

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