Materic elegance

An Art Deco-style building rediscovers its historical elements after losing all stylistic traces due to an 80s renovation. The residence is designed by architect Hannes Peer: a masterpiece that reflects light entering through numerous windows, enveloping the interiors, creating a soft and warm atmosphere.


The inspiration for its realization was nature: rocks illuminated by the sun, earth tones, wood, and shadows. Thanks to the L-shaped floor plan, the house offers a fluid and coherent experience, with various functions elegantly integrated. The contrast between the brass used for the kitchen, which becomes the jewel of the house, and a terracotta brick wall creates a refined harmony, modulating lights and shadows. The attention to material aspect is evident, also thanks to the Patina Living KK 79 resin finish, which envelops the environment in warm tones. The final result is a vital space characterized by a meditative and sophisticated architectural language, where modernity and historical references find the right balance. 

The project palette

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