Colour palettes of hospitality

The atmosphere is generated by a warm, welcoming, 1950s look, but the experience is hyper-technological. It could not be otherwise for a hotel that stands at the meeting point between the two souls of Modena province: the innovative soul of Motor Valley and the traditional one associated with food products of true excellence.



The Executive Spa Hotel of Fiorano Modenese found inspiration for its refurbishment project in both these souls. The result is a warm, welcoming environment in which the choice of colour plays a decisive role. The colour families selected for the walls include Navy Blue, Neutral Grey, and Natural Pink, which alternate along the corridors of the three floors. While an elegant grey predominates in the rooms of the first and second floors, in the suites of the third floor, these three shades return in a combination that redefines the volumes and creates a real sense of hospitality in Italian Style.

The project palette

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